ACCESS4Me will conduct a patient-specific benefit verification to help:

  • Determine if ROLVEDON® is a covered product
  • Review medical policy guidelines (if applicable) associated with the patient’s plan requirements
  • Provide information and resources on the prior authorization (PA) process, when applicable
  • Assist with patient financial considerations

A detailed Benefits Summary Report will provide the patient's coverage, out-of-pocket requirements, and any financial assistance options available.*

*Dependent upon receipt of a completed and signed enrollment form via fax or provider portal.

If prior authorization (PA) is required, ACCESS4Me will assist with:

  • Obtaining PA forms for ROLVEDON
  • Identifying payor requirements and communicating to the practice
  • Tracking PA status with the payor
  • PA appeals information and resources, if necessary

ACCESS4Me can help address questions up front, including:

  • Information on diagnosis and product codes
  • Information on coverage, coding, and reimbursement
  • Tracking and monitoring of claim status after submission
  • Help understanding payment details

ACCESS4Me cannot guarantee reimbursement or claims adjudication. Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the provider to select proper coding for rendered products or services and to ensure the accuracy of all claims used in seeking reimbursement.

For underpaid or denied claims, ACCESS4Me offers support with:

  • Verifying the reason for the underpayment or denial
  • Clarifying the payor appeals process and related requirements
  • Information on appeals submission based on payor requirements
  • Tracking appeal status with the payor
  • Providing information on pursuing all levels of appeal, as needed
  • Documents and forms, including template letters for medical necessity, appeal, tiering exceptions, and more